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Justin - Hostunow
Well all I can say is Rich is a life saver. Took me about 23 days to get every thing where I wanted it and about 23 seconds to end everything I worked so hard on. Once I found Rich, my server was fixed secure and running the best it ever has...
If you are not very familiar with Linux security, and have not secured your server already, you might be interested in this package. We install a suite of security programs, harden the kernel, and optimize performance of programs including Apache, MySQL, PHP, and more.

Security Programs Installed:
Optimization Programs Installed:
Other Security Tasks:
  • Harden sysctl.conf
  • Disable Root Login via SSH
  • Change SSH Port
  • Force SSH Protocol 2
  • Disable Telnet
  • Secure /tmp, /var/tmp, and /dev/shm
  • Update cPanel and Distribution Software
  • Remove Unnecessary RPMs
  • Tweak cPanel/WHM Settings
Other Optimization Tasks:
  • Optimize Hard Drives
  • Upgrade to MySQL 4.1
  • Optimize MySQL Configuration
  • Optimize all MySQL database tables
  • Set MySQL nice to -10 (higher CPU priority)
  • Tweak cPanel/WHM Settings
  • Cleanup Service Configuration Files
Our Server Monkeys will do everything necessary to get your server running stable and secure. If the server has been in service for some time, some services may need more cleaning up than normal and may take more time. This extra time incurred costs nothing extra, as it's all part of the package. If you would like anything other than listed above, you can ask the administrator to do it when signing up for this package, however those extras may incur extra charges in the form of General Server Administration Time.

No matter how long this package takes, it only costs you a one-time fee of $50 per server!
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