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Justin - Hostunow
Well all I can say is Rich is a life saver. Took me about 23 days to get every thing where I wanted it and about 23 seconds to end everything I worked so hard on. Once I found Rich, my server was fixed secure and running the best it ever has...
Our cPanel Server Services are some of the cheapest around, but we do not take any less care than our competitors. Read about our different services below and select the one that is right for you.

Security and Performance Package - $50/server*
If you are not very familiar with Linux security, and have not secured your server already, you might be interested in this package. We install a suite of security programs, harden the kernel, and optimize performance of programs including Apache, MySQL, PHP, and more. Learn more

General Server Administration - $35/hour**
Are you in need of an experienced administrator to fix an issue, install or configure a program, or other general server tasks? If so, our Admins can help you at a very reasonable rate. Learn more

Monthly Maintenance Package - $300/server (Currently not available.)
Do you have trouble keeping your server running optimally yourself? Are you in need of an experienced Admininstrator to keep your server maintained on a daily basis? If you are, Server Monkeys can help! We keep all the server's software up to date and monitor your cPanel server's performance and vitals to ensure your it's running normally, and if something is wrong, we work to fix it immediately at no additional cost.***

* This package can take from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the server environment and conditions. No matter how long it takes, the price does not change.
** Rate of $35 per hour is in increments of 15 minutes after first hour. One hour ($35) minimum.
*** Up to 10 hours of work included with the Package. Server updates and monitoring do not count against this.

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